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Biorevitalization and mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid-based gels have become an integral part of the services of beauty salons. Mesotherapy is an injection method of “delivering” active components to the inner layers of the skin.

Biorevitalization is also carried out with the help of hyaluronic gels. They are also injected under the skin using thin needles or cannulas. But the result of such biolifting is visible almost immediately, and it keeps on the skin long enough – up to six months.

The most effective preparations for biorevitalization are gels REVOFIL AQUASHINE CLASSIC and REVOFIL AQUASHINE BR SOFT FILLERS. The appendix “BR” means “brightness – radiance”.

A distinctive feature of this particular preparation is its antipigmental effect on the skin. This cocktail based on hyaluronic acid is enriched with 56 useful substances. REVOFIL AQUASHINE BR SOFT FILLER includes such components:

1,5% hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. This unique polysaccharide, which is contained in the cells of our skin, provides moisturizing, regeneration and protection of skin cells.
Amino acids included in the preparation in 24 varieties; they are an indispensable building material for the synthesis of proteins in the body.
14 vitamins, including vitamins A, B, K, and C, stimulate and regulate metabolic processes in the skin, show antioxidant effects. Buy Revofil Aquashine BR
Minerals and coenzymes perform a protective function, they help to balance the condition of the skin and regulate enzymatic processes.
Nucleic acids are involved in the creation of new DNA in cells.
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