Buy Amalian Balance Online , (1×1 ml)

1 ml * 1 Syringe /Box

2* 26 G 1/2 Needles

18 months


Minimum Qty: 4



Buy Amalian Balance Online. Amalian Balance is a gel called the “elixir of youth” because of the unusual properties for binding water molecules in the body.
The product is available in two sizes.

This single-phase gel contains a linear, uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight and high concentration of hyaluronic acid (12mg / ml).

Great for revitalization and mesotherapy treatments.

The package contains : Buy Amalian Balance Online

1 pre-filled syringe x 2ml
2 x 26G 1/2 needle


Rejuvenation, revitalization and hydration of the face, neck, cleavage, hands
Alignment after treatments with amalian fillers


The preparation is given using the mesotherapy needles or gun provided in the package, because they allow for quick and simple punctures of the upper skin layers, in which the nutrient gel penetrates
Three treatments are recommended at intervals of 2 weeks
The effect of rejuvenation and freshness will continue for four / five months

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