Purchase Revolax Sub Q Online , (1×1.1 ml)

1.1 ml * 1 Syringe / BOX

24 months

With Lidocaine


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Zero pain and maximum gain with Revolax. Purchase Revolax Sub Q Online

There are exactly 3mg/ml of lidocaine in each Revolax Sub Q soft-tissue filler . This means that roughly 30% of the composition of this trusted skin rejuvenation product is made up of an anesthetic solution and thanks to that patients feel absolutely no discomfort or pain when they are injected with it. That is important to note since this risk-free injection filler is applied deeper in the skin (subcutaneous layer of the dermis) compared to most other solutions of this class. The presence of lidocaine in Sub-Q does not affect the performance and the effects delivered by this fantastic product. With it, patients and board-certified medical practitioners can expect:

No or minimal non-harmful side effects
Smooth and easy injection
No downtime
Guaranteed biological compatibility

How concentrated is Revolax Sub Q? Purchase Revolax Sub Q Online

Revolax Sub-Q with Lidocaine comes in a single-use 1.1ml syringe and the Hyaluronic Acid in it has a particle concentration of 24mg/ml. As a result, it has a texture that is easy to mold yet sufficiently stable and firm to deliver durable results and maintain structure and longevity after only one session. Because of that, it can be injected into those areas of the face which are highly mobile such as the zone around the mouth where nasolabial folds are typically observed in patients with aged skin.

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