Buy RADIESSE injectable implant (1×1,5ml)


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Buy RADIESSE injectable implant (1×1,5ml)

Buy RADIESSE injectable implant (1×1,5ml),What is Radiesse.
Want to look 10-15 years younger? Then you should familiarize yourself with the unique dermal filler Radiess, which is designed for aesthetic correction of moderate and deep wrinkles, lifting, restoring contours and prolonging the quality of the skin by stimulating the production of its own collagen.
Radiesse is a completely biodegradable, safe filler that is introduced into the deep layers of the skin, under the skin and the periosteum. Active ingredient Radiess is hydroxyapatite of calcium, which is a natural mineral component of teeth and bones.Microspheres of hydroxyapatite calcium are in the gel-conductor.
After the introduction of Radiesse (Radiesse), an effective filling of wrinkles or the restoration of the lost tissue volume is first carried out at the expense of the gel-conductor. After 2-4 months, the gel-conductor dissolves itself independently and is eliminated from the body, and the calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres form support structures for fibroblasts and serve as mechanical stimuli for the process of collagen production by fibroblasts.
The newly formed collagen network creates long-term support for skin cells.RADIESSE injectable implant (1×1,5ml)

In modern cosmetology, Radiess is an exclusive preparation that allows long-term (up to 2 years) correction of deep wrinkles, replenish the lost volume of soft facial tissues, make the skin supple and elastic.
The young face has a V-shape, clear contours, dense and elastic skin. With age, there is a redistribution of the volume of the facial tissues and the face acquires the? -form. The volume of the zygomatic area leaves, the oval becomes heavier with the lowered tissues, there appear furrows because of the displaced fatty packets of the face. Injections with Radiesse will help to correct all these changes without surgery.RADIESSE injectable implant (1×1,5ml)

The demand for Radiess is due to the fact that many do not want their face to become heavier or swell after injected fillers, but want to look as natural and young as possible.
Filler Radiess is produced in the US, he underwent numerous clinical studies. More than 5 million syringes have been made all over the world. Radiess is allowed to be used on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The drug is supplied in sterile syringes with a volume of 0.8ml, 1.5ml and 3ml.
The drug has a white color, which additionally to all its positive qualities gives after the introduction of a beautiful skin color. To dilute Radiesses, a small amount of lidocaine is used,which makes injections completely painless. Injections are performed with both blunt cannulae and needle attached to the preparation.RADIESSE injectable implant (1×1,5ml)

Areas and indications of the use of Radiesse:
Whiskey (temporalisation of the temporal region)
Cheeks (loss of volume), the creation of a beautiful form
Ear lobes (lax flaccidity), parotid wrinkles
Cheeks (loss of volume)
The lower third of the face (restoration of the oval, wrinkles of sorrow)
Chin (restoration of volume, change of form, filling of the chin crease)

To date, Radiess has expanded the boundaries of its use in medical cosmetology with the help of the latest technique – meso Radiation. After histological studies that proved that Radiesse is completely excreted by our body in 9-12 months, Radiess in special dilution of saline was also used in other areas of our body. So with a soft cannula or thin needle, diluted Radiesse is injected into areas with thin, flabby skin. With this dilution, this drug does not work as a filler (fills wrinkles and restores lost volume), but as a stimulant to produce its own collagen. After 1-2 months, it is possible to evaluate the effect of rejuvenation of the zone where the meso radium was applied. The tone and elasticity of the skin will improve, small wrinkles will be smoothed out and the striae will thicken. Buy RADIESSE injectable implant (1×1,5ml)

Radiation – Contraindications:
Severe chronic diseases
Violation of blood clotting
Autoimmune diseases
Inflammatory processes in the area of ​​presumed injections
Pregnancy and lactemia.


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