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Buy dives lips. Dives Lips is a unique filler dedicated to lip contouring and contouring. The reduced concentration of hyaluronic acid allows a natural correction and a gentle increase in the volume of the labial red, without changing its geometry. Thanks to the patented “Safe Core” technology, it has an exceptionally smooth texture that allows a perfect distribution in the skin and the achievement of a natural effect.
Through the use of unique production technology, the effects of the last treatment for about 6-9 months.

Les indications: buy dives lips

modeling of labial red
contour enhancement and enhancement
restore the volume of the lips lost with age
moisturizing and revitalizing the lips
eliminate wrinkles from the smoker
corner lift, correction of moderately deep wrinkles
filling of nasolabial folds
leveling puppet lines
modeling and contouring of the lips
correction of smoker’s wrinkles
lift the corners of the mouth

Hyaluronic acid concentrations: 20 mg/ml 27G syringe

Available in:

2 ml without lidocaine
2*1ml with lidocaine
With lidocaine: 0.3%%


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