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Buy Boto Genie 100 IU Injection Online. BOTO GENIE is a biologically active and highly purified preparation of Botulinum toxin Type A. This is an extremely potent neurotoxin complex which causes relaxation of muscles, marked reduction in gland secretory activity and silencing of nociceptor function on its absorption. The medical science has developed methodology to derive magical drug effect by unique formulation and controlled administration techniques. It has been used to correct undesirable muscular activity for a considerable period without surgical intervention. This action is reversible in nature in a few months. Since BOTO GENIE is in a highly purified form & is used in minute quantities, it does not induce any immunological response even after several treatments in most subjects. BOTO GENIE conforms to Ph.Eur.

CAUTION DURING ADMINISTRATION : Buy Boto Genie 100 IU Injection Online

Safe and effective use of BOTO GENIE depends on selection of correct dose and administration techniques. It is extremely important for physician to know the detailed muscular & other anatomical aspect of the area proposed to be treated, any alteration to the anatomy due to prior surgical procedure for good results and success.


Localized weakness of the injection muscles represents the expected desirable action of the drug , however weakness of adjacent muscles may also occur due to spread of toxin
Skin rash , pruritus , allergic reaction , localized pain , bruising may be associated with the injection which may occur rarely.
Overdose : Excessive doses may cause distant and profound neuromuscular paralysis. There is no specification antidote. General supportive care is advised

COMPOSITION : Buy Boto Genie 100 IU Injection Online

BOTO GENIE 100 or 50 unit vial (Freeze dried )
Botulinum toxin Type A………….100 / 50 units
(Purified Neurotoxin Complex )
Lactose (Stabilizer ) ……………..5mg
Reconstitute with diluent provided
(Sodium chloride injection I.P., 0.9% W/V)

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